We heard these horror stories too often!
At first, you are excited to get started with video production.

You want to create a successful video series, and many other types of videos in order to achieve your goals for years to come.

However, you don't know where to start.  Or you got started, but your videos are not getting the results you were expecting.

You didn't realize that you have to figure out so many details in order to make successful videos.

You're asking yourself:  How can I promise value to my clients or my boss if my videos suck?  How can my videos have legs on social media if I know very little about video on social media?

It’s taking you way too much time to shoot and edit your videos.

You decide to watch some tutorials on Youtube, but you can’t get answers quickly enough to move forward with your video schedule.

You took some shooting and editing tutorials, you made your first videos, and then what?  You need a community of people like yourself and advanced videographers to give you feedback in order to move to the next level.

You hire someone to help you, but the costs rapidly add up and you’re running out of money or your boss is running out of patience.

Your biggest fear is happening.   You are telling yourself you’re not creative or tech savvy enough to pursue your important mission.

Bills are piling up, you're running out of money or your boss wants to see results yesterday.

You are thinking of giving up, and quitting this video nightmare.
All you need is the Video Bubble

The Video Bubble is a space where video creators learn how to create high performing videos on a continuous basis, with a direct access to experienced videographers via a forum, or the Telegram app (for Lifetime members), plus video tutorials for tips, best practices and important feedback about your new videos.  

Remember at school when you would go visit your teacher during his office hours and seek help and relief?

The Video Bubble is just that, except that the door is always open!

It's a video instructor's office where other students just like you are hanging out.  The instructor often goes in and out of his office, glad to answer any question on the fly.  Plus, he has regular office hours to address your particular concerns.

You can always go to his library and pull a video tutorial or a document relevant to your question.  In the Bubble, he will often make tutorial videos to specifically answer your questions, helping you and the community as a whole.

Plus, the Video Bubble is a safe space for you to hang out with other video making students, and learn a lot from them too.  An important part of the Bubblers experience it to share your videos.  Getting feedback from video creators of all levels of experience and backgrounds is going to rapidly propel you and your mission forward.

At Video Bubble, instructors and students of all ages and abilities vouch for each other's success.  It's an essential stance that they all take if they want to be accepted as members of the community.

Hey Bonjour!
Alex Vachon. 
Creator of the Video Bubble.

My Itinerary...

I'm the founder of Cartouche Creations LLC, a creative film and video production company based in Manhattan, New York.  I grew up in Montréal, Québec, Canada where I was introduced to filmmaking when I was 12 years old.  My father brought a Super 8 camera home and that changed my life.  My film career took a professional turn when I graduated with a Master's degree in Cinematic Arts  at USC's film school, in Los Angeles.  I was very fortunate to be trained by top acting and directing coaches in the film industry.

I went back to Montréal where I worked as television director for many production companies.  I had a blast making documentaries on subject matters such as architecture, cutting-edge science and literature (that show was nominated for best cultural TV magazine of the year).  I also created and directed a comedy sitcom.
I moved to New York city in 2010 and freelanced for 10 years.  Those years went by so fast!  I produced and directed dozens of marketing videos for agencies and companies of all sizes.  My short film Car Mad won best fiction film at the Gotham Network Film Festival in 2015.

I'm proud of what I've done so far with my craft.   I have worked with the top television production companies in Canada, and the top PR and marketing firms in New York City.  I'm stoked to be in a position to help out all the people who want to use the medium and grow their business and passion.

I'm finding that teaching others helps me stay at the cutting edge of the art and science of filmmaking.

Check out Alex's demo reel...
"Alex is a rare talent. We worked together on two different projects and he over delivered on both. It is always great to work with someone who is both supremely creative and a professional who believes that deadlines and great work matter. I would jump at the chance to work with him again in the future, and cannot recommend him strongly enough."
Anthony Butler, president and founder of Can-do-ideas | Primal Storytelling™
Here are some of the
Companies and Television Broadcasters  
I had the privilege to work with:

When I was a kid, I wanted to make thrilling short films. However, it ended up being an embarrassing experience...

Growing up I would sometimes have the incredible luck to put my hands on my father’s Super 8 camera, a beautiful Kodak Instamatic M6.   I would call friends and give them costumes for their parts.  We would shoot horror movies.  Luc would get my dad’s beautiful brown felt hat, Dimitri would dress up as an old lady.  We were maybe 10-11 years old...  Another friend would wear a rubber skull mask and cover it with an torn black rag... The set-up was pretty violent and gory:  the monster would jump on the old lady and beat her up…  Lots of ketchup on her and on the wall... then Luc would arrive wearing his detective film noir  oversized fedora and shoot the monster with his revolver... a toy of course.

One day,  I got more ambitious.  In our garage, I poured generous quantities of rubbing alcohol on the floor around the skulled monster, lit it up, and started filming my epic scene.  An impressive ring of flames formed  around him.  He was raising his arms to the ceiling.  Great special effects!  Oh my God, I was in heaven.  I kept shooting and shooting walking around him.  Flames got bigger, I kept shooting until the film would run out.  But the camera would keep rolling for minutes.  I never ran out of film. Ooops, the fire was getting a little bit out of control, so I finally dropped the camera and rushed to my friend’s to help him put the fire out around him and on his costume.  No one was hurt, thank God!

Ah, the magic of cinema!  I picked up the camera, pulled the trigger and continued filming the story, with Luc the detective saving the day again and shooting the monster.  I was so elated.   There was just one problem.  The camera was still able to run.  There was an infinite amount of film in that cartridge! I must have thought "Cooool!  My dad bought bigger, longer film cartridges.  Amazing! "

So I finally completed my movie  and took the film cartridge out of the camera, put it in the aluminum wrap and my dad eventually sent it to the lab.  When the film came back, processed, all rolled up in a little reel, I was so elated.  The euphoria of creation was finally going to be rewarded by a super-production-big-effect-like-blockbuster!  But I started to wonder, why is the film reel so tiny?  I threaded the film in the projector and started to watch the film.  The film lasted only 2 and a half minutes.   The last scene on the reel was my skull friend entering the garage.  Then, no more film!  Nothing of the glorious ring-of-fire special effect!  Nothing of the infernal closeups of the flames!  No sign of Luc coming in and killing the monster neither!  Just a white empty screen...  My heart sank.  I felt ashamed of myself, and so disappointed.

I went on to film school eventually and learned a few things the hard way throughout my 20 year-plus film/video career.

Here’s why I created Video Bubble.  I had all the best intentions in the world.  I wanted to make these films, but because I was ignorant and careless, I ended up discouraged.  It took me years to recover and regain confidence in myself.

I want everyone who is willing to invest time and effort in making their videos to be rewarded, not disappointed, or frustrated.  Making videos is a profound act of creation that will bring you enormous benefits and satisfaction, BUT you must avoid the caveats and quicksands that can engulf you along the path.  You cannot leave it to good luck and hopeful thinking if you want to put out amazing videos on a consistent basis.  Us, the Video Bubble members and I, can help you achieve your ambitious video program without the struggles and disappointments.  Video creation is exciting, video production is intricate and a mine field.  You want to know what you’re doing if you’re in for the long run, and continuously get better at it.  Don’t learn it the hard way like I did.

I created Video Bubble in order for you to avoid complications, because video can be... complicated.

If you identify with at least one of these 8 affirmations
you should join the Video Bubble.

You are thinking of creating your own video channel but you don't know where to start.


You worry about how you're going to attract new clients to your business.


You want to make videos, but you find the video making process daunting.

You lack confidence in front of the camera.

You are intimidated by the technical sides of videography or you don't know much about video gear.

You doubt that you have the chops to make great videos on a consistent basis.

You know videos will help your business, but you can't afford to hire a videographer.


You want to create courses using videos, but you can't do it alone.

Here's why you're going to enjoy the Video Bubble

Find the right solutions

The Video Bubble is brand agnostic.  We are not a sales arm of any video platform or manufacturer.  This way, we can freely analyze the vast variety of video solutions on the market and discuss the best ones for you.

Get professional advice quickly

Alex and other professional videographers/filmmakers are very active on the forum and directly available through the Telegram app (for Lifetime members). 

Get video tutorials that'll get you started the right way

Our upcoming Agile Video Creator tutorials simplify the process of making successful videos.  They quickly bring you up to speed, allowing you to start making videos that produce results.

Growth drive

Something extraordinary is going to happen if you keep making great videos on a consistent basis.  Leverage your Video Bubble membership and present your videos in the Bubble for great feedback.   Make necessary adjustments if needed, then reach a level of success that will give you amazing results.

What they said about my video work...
"Alex is a pleasure to work with! He makes it easy to quickly capture professional video testimonials wherever your customers may be. He uses video to create powerful stories and knows how to effectively use those in campaigns.."
Janine Buis, co-founder of GrowthTera LLC
"That video gave me the biggest, warmest hug throughout my child care career. It was never ever needed as much as it was needed now. It finally shows that somebody gets it. Please tell everyone how much I appreciate this stellar effort and accomplishment.  The music, the passion, and your talent made a piece of art that I will cherish in my personal memoirs."
Alicia Marks, board member, Child Care Council of Suffolk
"I was very lucky to find Alex, as I can’t imagine a better, more creative person to work with. He took my initial script and not only improved the impact of the written words, but his visuals strengthened the message beyond my expectations.."
Mark Karten, Karten Real Estate Services
"I worked with Alex on a couple of projects. In each instance, he got up to speed very quickly, understood our objectives and, after assessing the situation, determined a course of action that served our and our client’s needs. ."
Paul Mesches, Owner, Porte Advertising

"Great job!" (JOC)

"What an amazing video. Please promote far and wide! Thank you for your vision on this Lisa and Alex is so talented." (JK)

"This is awesome.  Brought smiles and warmth to my heart." (PW)

Feedback from a steering committee who was asked if the video could be used as part of their fundraising campaign

"Alex Vachon is the consummate pro. He made the videos fun, affordable, and professional."
Jim Ewing, founder of Superior-Resource Printing & Graphics.
The Video Bubble
is akin to an insurance policy for consistently making successful videos.

If you agree with at least one of these affirmations,
you should NOT join the Video Bubble.

I don't want to leverage videos for my business or passion.


I don't want to attract new clients to my business 24/7.


I don't intend to make videos on a regular basis.

I don't need to get better at making videos.

I don't mind spending a lot of money on professional videographers.

Find everything you need in the
Video Bubble
 Live Chat Q&A
Get direct access to video experts via Telegram (for Lifetime members) and via the Video Bubble forum.
Insider Tips
Alex interviews amazing
Bublers who use video to grow their brand, passion, or causes.  We learn so much from other people's experiences.
24/7 Access the Bubblers
Leverage the Forum and get precious feedback from a community dedicated to video success and excellence.  This is your best bet to keep you focused and productive over months and years to come.
New Product Reviews 
We  teach the best practices by not only knowing the fundamentals of video making, but also looking at the best tools available in the market.

I provide hands-on private video making zoom sessions to Bubblers at half the fee I usually charge as consultant.
Video Bubble Exclusive
 Discounts & Offerings

Unique Membership discounts on video making tutorials, video gear and software!
Some of the topics we're addressing in the Video Bubble
How to create a successful video podcast.
How to make short promos from your longer videos.
The "Dos" and "Donts" of
Video Filming & Editing.

How to leverage social media using your videos
What type of equipment best suits your needs and budget
How to be consistent (Hint: it's all about preparation).
Jump into the
Video Bubble
for the easiest way to learn video creation, with this pre-launch
limited-time offer!
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Address your questions to pro videographers and the community of like-minded people who are in the Bubble to help each other


If you're a Lifetime Member, you can directly chat with Alex and other videographers in real-time via the Telegram application


Save time and effort by testing your video ideas and asking for feedback from Bubblers, accelerating your success with your videos


Dissolve any road block and resistance during your video creation process

Learn how to make high performing videos quickly

Discover the best gear for your budget with our quick equipment reviews.


Weekly Group "Ask me Anything about Video" Live Chats


New Tutorials every month based on your questions


For lifetime members: all courses and tutorials are free, for life!


For yearly or monthly memberships: 50% Off on our upcoming Agile Video Creator Courses


Case Studies of other successful video creators


Insider tips from video Pros


50% Discount for one-to-one mentorships


Video Bubble exclusive discounts & offerings


24/7 Access to the Video Bubble community of  video makers for precious feedback

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Monthly Access
"Alex Vachon is the real deal: Professional, Creative, Responsive and, of course, punctual. The preparation was complete and well done. The quality of the work was unparalleled. And, Alex had suggestions all along the way that improved the process and made the final product as good as it could be. I'd work with Alex any time."
                    David Bresler, founder of Network!Network!
"Alex Vachon is a very professional video director with vast knowledge in the field of media and digital marketing. He made two very wonderful and informative videos showcasing my Design Firm ORA studio and I was very happy with the outcome."
                   Giusi Mastro, founder of ORA Studio NYC Inc.

 Bonus #1 PDF 10 Essential tips and tricks to make you feel confident in front of the camera.


Bonus #2  Video: 5 Essential tips and tricks to optimize your videos on Youtube .


Bonus #3  Only for the lifetime Video Bubblers:  You get personal  60-minute Zoom consultation with yours truly, Alex Vachon.

I hope to meet you in the Video Bubble!  The members and myself will help you make amazing videos.  We all help each other in this community.

Alex Vachon, award-winning filmmaker and founder of the Video Bubble.
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Hi, this is Alex and this is my promise to you:
If, for any reason within 30 days after purchasing your membership, you don't like to hang out in the Video Bubble, we will refund your money, no questions asked.  After 30 days, you can cancel your monthly membership anytime and the next monthly cycle will not be charged to you.  If you purchased the yearly plan and wish to cancel it after 30 days, you will be charged up to the remaining days of the month and you will be reimbursed for the remaining months of the year.  I want everyone to be happy in the Video Bubble, and if you decide it's not for you, then there's no reason to keep you in.  If you are interested in making videos, I think you'll love it, but if not (stuff happens) then that's okay too.  


You are a go getter and you want to do it all on your own.  I understand, I'm the same.  But there are times when you'll need to ask for help because the consequences of not doing the right thing could be really damaging.   You wouldn't start flying a plane without taking some lessons right?  Well, video can look simple, but to do it right, you need to know what you're doing, at least for the basic stuff.  

Lighting, sound, cameras, editing, storytelling, public speaking and content, if you're not careful, your videos could soon become a disaster.  Your boss may tell you to delete them ASAP and fire you, or you're your own boss and your best friends are kindly suggesting to make some changes on your next videos... 

Use the Video Bubble to learn and practice video making safely and effectively.  Avoid the caveats and choose a successful route over a path to disaster.

Don't forget, you don't have to

figure out video-making on your own!

Video Bubble is a place designed for entrepreneurs who need creative, technical, marketing and accountability support in order to consistently reach their ambitious goals with their videos.  If you want to make videos using the best ideas and techniques without braking the bank, or losing your creative drive, jump into the Video Bubble now.

Have questions?  Contact Alex at Alex@alexvachonstudios.com  question